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About Us

BlackWolf Advisory, a company established by seasoned mortgage professionals, is dedicated to enhancing the daily operations of mortgage servicers and their vendors.

Our team of consultants brings extensive experience from working with some of the nation's largest mortgage servicers, ready to share their expertise with your company. Beyond this, we possess regulatory know-how, having collaborated with the OCC on mortgage related consent orders and the CFPB for regulatory exam management.

Maintaining a robust network of experts covering all facets of servicing and default, we tackle every task with confidence. Each engagement is tailored to your specific needs, offering an external resource that seamlessly integrates with your internal team.

Whether you seek to enhance your daily operations or require project support, we're here for you. Our services can help reduce the additional costs of regulatory monitoring, ensure compliance, and provide technology-specific solutions. We adapt to your unique requirements and create a customized plan that suits your business.



It is our mission to revolutionize the mortgage servicing industry, by delivering best in class service and providing our clients with the tools necessary to run their organizations efficiently.


Our customers consist of some of the largest mortgage servicers and banks, to local credit unions, servicing vendors and law firms. We want to enable our clients to serve their customers in the most effective and precise way.

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BlackWolf Advisory LinkedIn Page

Mirza Hodzic

Servicing Advisory - Managing Director

With more than 19 years of expertise in the mortgage servicing industry, Mirza is a seasoned professional with a robust background in operations, compliance/audit, and leadership. Throughout his career, he has collaborated closely with regulatory bodies like the OCC and CFPB, actively engaging in audits of diverse business units within mortgage servicing. As a leader, Mirza has successfully managed teams comprising over 50 employees across various roles, showcasing his adept leadership and team management skills. In his current role as the leader at BlackWolf Advisory Group, his primary objective is to apply his wealth of experience and insights to empower mortgage servicing clients in achieving their goals and surmounting challenges.

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